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Jeremy's Notre Dame Sucks Page


#1...what college football team do you root for
#2...notre dame plays an easy schedule?

Sept. 8 at Nebraska
Sept. 15 at Purdue
Sept. 22 Michigan State
Sept. 29 at Texas A&M
Oct. 6 Pittsburgh
Oct. 13 West Virginia
Oct. 20 USC
Oct. 27 at Boston College
Nov. 3 Tennessee
Nov. 17 Navy
Nov. 24 at Stanford

Are you blind?

Kyle Irish

#1...I root for whoever is playing Notre Dame.
#2...Yes, Notre Dame does have an easy schedule. Thanks for reminding me of those "tough" opponents like Pittsburgh, West Virginia, USC, Boston College, Navy, and Stanford. No, I am not blind. Just very intelligent.



I don't know about you, but almost all the people I know have a connection, one way
or another, to ND. How about you put your marijuana away and come
up with reasonable arguments or
something interesting to visit.

Liam Michael Knapp

I can see from your e-mail address that you go to Notre Dame. One might expect most of the people you know to have a connection to Notre Dame. Idiot!



Could you be a bigger Jackass? Do you not have
anything better to do with your time than to slander
the greatest Football institution ever? - it is one
thing to talk trash, but to go to all the trouble to
make a web page...
Look jackass, ND has won 11 National Titles, 11 - -
more than any other school...more people in the NFL
than any other school (can't slant that FACT), more
Heisman Trophy Winners...not voted because of where
they went to school...but because they were the best.
Don't give me any shit either about their titles being
skewed, because someone received another vote...They
won the thing 11 times. Has your team?
About week schedules - - lets look at something
here...does ANY other school play teams from 7
different conferences? NOPE! That means at least 7
different styles of football...lets face it Big 10 all
play pretty much the same, Big 12 very similiar
styles, SEC same...ACC (LOL) well there is FL St.
Lets look at their powder puff schedule shall we:
Nebraska (are they pussies?)
Purdue (same question)
Michigan ST (same question)
Texas A&M (same question)
Pittsburgh (looking much much better)
West Virginia (tough club)
Tennessee (They must suck right)
USC (Had some tough luck..but year in year
BC (a bit marshmellowy, but we all have them
Navy (the one simplistic one)
Stanford (always exciting)

Tell me jackass...does your pathetic school's schedule
resemble this....remember many diffent conferences
means many different styles...different looks, a whole
new world...Let me guess you are a Michigan
Fan...there are only two school's fans that can be a
dumb as you...MI and OH St...
Why don't you go after Florida St. hell the ACC would
be a mediocre Div. 1AA conference without FL St.


Garson Hedrick

Prior to the BCS, the national champion was determined by a combination of different polls including the Associated Press, the UPI Coach's Poll, Dunkel, Boand, Helms, and Poling. Quite often, no one team was an unanimous selection, meaning two or more teams claimed to own a share of the national title. The fact is that Notre Dame's teams of 1943 and 1988 were unanimous selections. The rest of Notre Dames's teams shared the title with one or more different teams. That's a FACT! What's wrong? Can't handle the truth?

Notre Dame plays teams from six different conferences this year. Yes Jackass, I said six. (Navy is an independent.) Playing so many different conferences usually means Notre Dame can play the mediocre teams while avoiding the conference champion. The exception being Purdue this year. Who ever thought they would have won the Big Ten last year?

Am I a Michigan fan? No. Ohio State? No. Florida State? No. Sorry, it looks like you struck out Jackass!




You got some nerve saying the Irish have a soft schedule. Remember, we
have 5 top 25 teams on our schedule this year.

We took the Nebraska Corn Shuckers to overtime. Weren't they pre-season
top 3 last year ?

ND has the most Division 1A National Championships. That is undisputed.

Compare the GPA required to be on the ND squad versus Lincoln.

Get a clue, ND plays a damn tuff schedule. Ray, you and this clown
should go widdle one off together !!


Five teams in the top-25? What poll are you looking at? Nebraska and Tennessee are the only two teams Notre Dame plays that are in the AP pre-season top-25 and ESPN/USA Today coach's top-25 poll. Notre Dame can lose both of these games and have a very good shot at making it to another BCS bowl game.

Ray? Who is Ray? You address this to me and next thing you are talking to Ray. Idiot!



i wouldn't say ND has got a soft schedule this year. In fact, they always
play a rough schedule. But hey, i go to nd and i respect what ya think
about them. you talk about everyone lovin nd, but there's also tons of
people who hate them with a passion. but until nd actually pulls their
heads outta their asses and gets rid of davie, i can't say too much. it's
been tough bein a die-hard nd fan lately. oh ya, are you sure about that
"did you know" you got posted up there. good site, gave me somethin
to look
at at work.

James Cusick

Thanks for the nice comments about this website, James. You sound like a Notre Dame fan that wants to jump off the band wagon. Come on! You can do it!



Read 'em and weep.

Now go down to college and hit national championships.

You can hate ND all you want, (it helps ratings) but don't make stuff up. I only count 2 shared titles. Maybe you can't read.

Were you beaten as a child?

Mike Walsh

The page that you referenced only includes the ranking systems of Helms, Dickinson, AP, UPI, International News Service, the Football Writers Association of America, the National Football Foundation Hall of Fame, and USA Today/CNN. There are many other ranking systems that are included in determining the national champion, including Berryman, Billingsley, Dunkel, DeVold, Houlgate, Massey, Matthews, Parke Davis, Sagarin, and Williamson. The truth is that Notre Dame only has two National Championships that were unanimous selections as recognized by the NCAA. The rest of Notre Dame's championship teams shared the title with one or more other teams. Look it up at or

By the way, according to that worthless page you referenced, Notre Dame has three shared titles, not two: 1964 (Alabama and Arkansas), 1966 (Michigan), and 1973 (Alabama). Maybe you can't count. Dumbass!



AAARGH. All these nitwits do is spew one inane innacuracy after another, punctuated by their nauseating (and incorrect) assertion of *FACT*. Well, Irish nitwits, let's get to some real facts. The University of Alabama has 12 National Championships (for ND alums that requires a buddy to have enough fingers to count). The Championship years were '25, '26, '30, '34, '41, '61, '64, '65, '73, '78, '79, '92. And, unlike you, we do not begrudge sharing them, nor do we mind playing in a conference you candy-ass, NBC-spoiled ninnies. If you were in the SEC, you'd be 4-7 and Vandy fodder. And, hey, while we're talking about good academic schools, how is it that other schools with tough admissions standards (i.e., UMich, Pitt, BC, Stanford) manage to whoop your ass. Back to reality. I feel sorry for Tyrone Willingham. You classless bunch of yesteryear-mourning losers will put that poor bastard through the ringers, and then run off one of the truly good coaches stupid enough to take that shitty job. BTW: Kevin White came calling, groveling to Dennis Franchione, absolutely SURE that he would take the NCAA's "Glamour Job". Well, our Man Fran told them the same thing I say to you all... GET F*CKED, I'M AT THE BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD!!!Roll Tide!

Erik J. Gundlach-Evans

You make some really great points, Erik. I couldn't agree with you more.