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Welcome to my Notre Dame Sucks Page!

I guess my hatred of Notre Dame goes back to when I was a young boy. I had a neighbor who was a big Notre Dame fan. I can remember every Saturday during football season all of his friends would come over to his house and watch the game on TV. They would all be wearing their Notre Dame t-shirts, sweatpants, and caps. One guy even had a Notre Dame tire cover on his van. None of these guys went to Notre Dame. Hell, they probably weren't smart enough to get into any college. None of them had any ties to Notre Dame whatsoever. But still, there they were every Saturday, decked out in their Notre Dame attire rooting for some team from another state. I remember thinking what a bunch of losers! They were wasting all that money on Notre Dame apparel. They were wasting their time watching some team from another state that no one else in town even cared about.

As I grew older, I learned Notre Dame probably has more fans than any other college team. Of course, 99.9% of their fans have no ties whatsoever to the college, and probably over 50% of them can't even tell you what state South Bend is located in.

Then, I realized that Notre Dame played a soft, easy schedule every year, they were often overrated in the polls, and they often made it to a bowl game they didn't deserve just because they were Notre Dame.

On top of all that, Notre Dame signs exclusive contracts with the TV networks, and they get to keep all the money because they don't belong to a conference.

Come on people! Why are you rooting for a team that you have absolutely no ties to? Root for a college that a family member went to! Root for a college that at least is in your state! Forget about Notre Dame! NOTRE DAME SUCKS!

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Notre Dame fans running onto the field.

2002 Notre Dame Football Schedule

Aug. 31 Notre Dame 22 Maryland 0
Sept. 7 Notre Dame 24 Purdue 17
Sept. 14 Notre Dame 25 Michigan 23
Sept. 21 Notre Dame 21 Michigan State 17
Oct. 5 Notre Dame 31 Stanford 7
Oct. 12 Notre Dame 14 Pittsburgh 6
Oct. 19 Notre Dame 21 Air Force 14
Oct. 26 Notre Dame 34 Florida State 24
Nov. 2 Boston College 14 Notre Dame 7
Nov. 9 Notre Dame 30 Navy 23
Nov. 23 Rutgers
Nov. 30 at USC

??? Did You Know ???

Of Notre Dame's eleven national championships, only two teams were unanimous selections. The other nine teams shared the title with one or more other schools.

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